Brand Story

Onīrik, which means "suggestive of dreams" yet looks and sounds so grounded, was founded to make future heirlooms with values held dear: strength, beauty, and wildness.  Taking inspiration from vintage patterns, rejecting the antiquated and extracting the strong, wild, and beautiful to create wearable, everyday pieces with timeless style for modern, free-spirited, feminine cool. 

Onīrik pieces are made in limited quantity, each is a limited edition. Onīrik works with natural, luxury fabrics that endure. Wash after wash; wear after wear.  Discovering your own Onīrik piece is like your favorite vintage find, in both quality and rarity.

There are options and alternatives to source materials, manufacture responsibly and be a force for good in the world. Learning about and uncovering these possibilities and choosing to address them is crucial. The aim is to design and manufacture each garment with greater and greater care.  Most pieces are currently made in a small, woman-owned and run atelier in Bucharest, Romania by master seamstresses with old-world attention to detail.  A few select pieces are made by me and other craftswomen in and around Arlington, VA, USA. The aim is to be aware and engaged, to be a business that reflects a willingness to do things differently, to write new rules, to be thoughtful, to treat everyone with integrity and respect. 

Thank you very much for visiting.

Katie, founder of ONĪRIK